Why recreate the wheel?

We've built a complete consulting success system and network exclusively for small business marketing consultants.

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Listen to John Jantsch explain the value of a complete system

What makes Duct Tape Marketing different?

Lots of people are selling their get rich quick approach to building digital marketing agencies these days, but when you look past the hype you’ll find that what they are really selling is today’s hot trend (Facebook ads or some such.) If you want to start or grow a real marketing practice, one backed by over 20 years of proven success, you’ve come to the right place.

7 steps to Scale Your Practice or Agency Without Adding Overhead

In this 7 step guide, you'll learn exactly how to:

  • Charge a premium for your services by creating a unique point of view and positioning
  • Get prospects to pay you while you sell them even more expensive, long-term, retainer engagements
  • Build an army of collaborators so you can delegate most of the implementation

Meet some typical members

Service providers

Michael Quinn

Michael Quinn Agency Fargo ND

SEO services provider looking to expand into full strategic marketing engagements including marketing strategy

See Michael's Case Study

Corporate start-ups

Jennifer Kelly

New Initiatives Marketing

After 17 years of big brand experience, Jennifer chose to strike out on her own and build a consulting practice.

See Jennifer's Case Study

Marketing consultants

Tom Shipley

Cole-Dalton Marketing Services

Small business marketing consultant looking for a proven system to help scale his success.

See Tom's Case Study

What our members say

Without a doubt, it's been the greatest return on investment I've made in my business or personal life.

Antonio Guerrero
Systematic Business Marketing

Hear from some of our members

Click to watch the video to hear from some of our current and long-time members speak candidly about the many benefits that receive as an active member in the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. No one can express the unique nature of this network better than the members.

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